IP-Core Design for FPGA and ASIC#

IP-Core Design for FPGA and ASIC

IP-Core Design for FPGA and ASIC#

Fraunhofer IPMS is a provider of proven IP core design solutions with a special focus on wired communication. IP-based design is an approach that helps developers reduce effort through specified, pre-verified and tested designs, minimising integration risk and shortening time-to-market. More than 150 customers worldwide have relied on the quality of Fraunhofer IPMS IP-Core solutions for FPGA and ASIC designs and the comprehensive technical support for over 10 years. Fraunhofer IPMS offers IP-Core modules as well as customisation, implementation support and characterisation. On request, the Fraunhofer IPMS also develops new IP-Core complete designs for ASICs and FPGA systems for special requirements.

Available IP Core Modules#

Digital IP Core Modules

Analog and Mixed Signal IP Core Modules

FPGA and SoC Design Services

Automotive Network IP Core Designs