Universal Optical Sensor Platform Evaluation Kit

Evaluation Kit: Universal Optical Sensor Platform

Sensor platform with external control.

A common method for measuring material properties (pH value, temperature, gas concentration, etc.) is the use of a sensor material whose optical properties change depending on the concentration. By optical excitation to photoluminescence, the emitting radiation can be evaluated and conclusions can be drawn about desired parameters.

A sensor ASIC specially developed at the Fraunhofer IPMS excites such sensor materials with the help of an integrated OLED and evaluates the emitting light via integrated photodiodes and amplifiers.

Among other things, the evaluation kit can be used to evaluate the oxygen concentration of gases, whereby the user has many degrees of freedom (e. g. excitation frequency and signal type)



0.45" sensor chip
OLED areas red/blue or blue/blue
photodiodes with red color filter
sample layer for measuring the oxygen concentration

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