Bidirectional OLED Microdisplays Evaluation Kit

Evaluation-Kit: Bidirectional OLED Microdisplays

Bidirectional Microdisplay Evaluation Kit.

These evaluation kits include OLED microdisplays that combine display and image sensor functionality by adding sensor pixel to each RGBW pixel on a single chip. Typical applications are smart data glasses with eye-tracking or optical sensors.




  • high-resolution SVGA microdisplay (800 × 600 pixels) with an integrated SVGA image sensor
  • 16 μm pixel pitch
  • 0.63” screen diagonal
  • simple connection of the display via HDMI and read out of the image sensor via USB 3.0 by the provided control electronics
  • configuration via supplied graphical user interface for Windows



EBCW1020 UUGL1220
full color display with 24 Bit color depth monochrome green display with 8 Bit color depth
depthimage sensor with 8 Bit grayscale  image sensor with 8 Bit grayscale

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