Automotive Network IP Core Designs

Automotive Network IP Core Designs

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Automotive Network IP Core Design at Fraunhofer IPMS.

The Fraunhofer IPMS offers various IP core designs for the automotive industry for in-vehicle-networking (E/E architecture). The automotive IP core designs are developed platform-independently and are suitable for integration in FPGAs as well as in ASICs.

In addition to the standard IP cores, the IPMS also performs customer-specific design adaptations or develops systems based on special customer requirements. Fraunhofer IPMS has more than 20 years experience in the design and licensing of IP cores. Out of several hundred integrations, a large part is found in the automotive industry.


Functional Safety

Functional safety is an essential requirement for safety-critical systems used in vehicles, for example in ADAS SoCs and modules. Specific ASILs (Automotive Safety and Integrity Levels) must be met for each application. Compliance with the standard also applies to the IP that is integrated into the SoC. The IPMS develops automotive IP designs with a focus on functional safety, making it easier for manufacturers to achieve the appropriate ASIL levels for their products in accordance with the ISO 26262 standard for safety-related electrical and electronic systems in motor vehicles.


Cyber Security

As the complexity of vehicle functions increases, so do the requirements for the security of data transmitted in the vehicle. Protective measures are necessary to ensure that information within the vehicle is transmitted completely and unchanged and that only authorized recipients have access to the data. To this purpose, IPMS develops automotive IP designs that add security functionalities such as authenticity, integrity and confidentiality to the various automotive communication protocols.


IP Core Portfolio:

  • TSN
  • Low Latency Ethernet MAC
  • MACsec
  • CAN Controller Core (CAN 2.0, CAN FD and CAN XL)
  • CANsec
  • LIN
  • RISC-V Processor EMSA5-FS for functional safe applications

Available IP Core Modules

TSN IP Core Family

TSN Endpoint Core, Switched Endpoint (2-Port) und TSN Multiport

Low Latency Ethernet MAC Core

MACsec Controller IP Core

CAN, CAN FD and CAN XL Controller Core

CAN-SEC – CANsec Controller IP Core

LIN Controller Core

RISC-V Processor IP Core EMSA5-FS for functional safety