Press Releases

  • Security of 5G/6G backbone components and networks / 2024

    Strengthening the security of broadband 5G/6G communication networks

    Press release / January 23, 2024

    The security of communication networks is becoming more and more important with increasing digitalization. The "RealSec5G" project aims at testing the requirements for data security in communication devices for 5G/6G infrastructures in a deterministic time-sensitive network (TSN). For this purpose, the Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems IPMS is designing a TSN-MACsec function block that will be tested as part of a demonstrator. The final implementation and performance analysis will be done in cooperation with the industrial company albis-elcon system Germany GmbH.

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  • Customized photonic technologies from Fraunhofer IPMS at SPIE.Photonics West in San Francisco / 2024

    Custom-made photonic components

    Press release / January 14, 2024

    Innovative, customized, and sustainable – these are the keywords for the numerous research projects of the Fraunhofer IPMS. At one of the leading conferences and trade fairs for photonics - SPIE Photonics West in San Francisco from January 27 to February 1, 2024 - the institute will present developments and advances in areas such as micro-optics, MEMS-based light modulators and biophotonics.

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  • Fraunhofer IPMS presents semiconductor services at "Semicon Europe" / 2023

    Leading edge semiconductor research on 200/300 mm wafers in the heart of Silicon Saxony and Europe

    Press release / November 09, 2023

    Modern electronics developments require state-of-the-art technologies and manufacturing processes, which are a financial challenge for many companies. Located in the heart of Silicon Saxony, Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems IPMS offers both large chip manufacturers and smaller companies access to the latest research results and technologies on 200 and 300 mm silicon wafers. Services range from consulting and process development to pilot production. Green ICT - i.e. sustainability - is also playing an increasingly important role.

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  • 10th MikroSystemTechnik Congress 2023 in Dresden / 2023

    Microelectronics for sustainability and technological sovereignty

    Press release / October 18, 2023

    Germany's largest national conference on microelectronics will take place this year in the heart of Silicon Saxony, Dresden. The focus will be on sustainability and technological sovereignty. In lectures, at booths and in an intensive exchange, visitors will learn how important microtechnologies are for economic strength and the common good, and what opportunities they offer for the future. Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems IPMS will present its research at the joint booth of Research Fab Microelectronics Germany (FMD) as well as in numerous talks and posters.

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  • Fraunhofer IPMS is coordinating project CBQD / 2023

    Photonic quantum chip for fast and reliable random number generation

    Press release / October 11, 2023

    The German Ministry for Research and Education BMBF is funding the CBQD project - chip-based quantum random device - for research into quantum-safe high-speed communications. In the CBQD project, a compact chip will be developed that generates random numbers at high speed based on quantum photonic effects. It meets the requirements of the Common Criteria for IT product security. The chip will become the basis for numerous IT security applications. Fraunhofer IPMS is responsible for coordination and QNRG chip integration in the project.

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  • SURPRISE - Fraunhofer IPMS spatial light modulators for outer space / 2023

    Microtechnology conquers space for more precise earth observation

    Press release / September 28, 2023

    Earth observation is like a super detective for our planet. It shows us what's happening on Earth and even influences our daily lives, for example, through more accurate weather forecasts. As part of the EU-funded SURPRISE project, a team of experts has been investigating how Earth observation satellites can be made smarter, but also safer. Using two breakthrough technologies - spatial light modulators and Compressive Sensing - the project has developed a demonstrator for superspectral Earth observation with improved spatial resolution, on-board data processing and encryption functionality.

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  • Fraunhofer IPMS at the Photonix Expo in Japan / 2023

    From Microchips to Holograms – the Perfect Light Modulation

    Press release / September 21, 2023

    Fraunhofer IPMS develops photonic microsystems that modulate light using small, controllable mirrors to create unique images and structures. These so-called spatial light modulators (SLM) are micromirror arrays with up to several million mirrors on a semiconductor chip. They have applications in semiconductor manufacturing, microscopy and holography, and have brought the Institute to the forefront of international research in this field.

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  • RISC-V development at Fraunhofer IPMS / 2023

    Flexibility, durability and trust - RISC-V conquers the processor market

    Press release / August 30, 2023

    The accessibility of RISC-V has started a revolution and, thanks to its open architecture, allows developers to design processors tailored to specific requirements. The Fraunhofer IPMS also offers a processor IP based on the RISC V instruction set architecture. The institute has extensive RISC-V expertise, which is used in research projects and is actively developed.

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  • Launch of European Semiconductor- Metrology Technology Hub / 2023

    Applied Materials and Fraunhofer IPMS launch European Semiconductor- Metrology Technology Hub

    Press release / July 17, 2023

    • New hub will provide state-of-the-art metrology systems to accelerate semiconductor research and enhance development projects with chipmakers and ecosystem partners across Europe, particularly in ICAPS* market segments • Collaboration to accelerate learning, develop novel methods and prove new metrology equipment, methods, algorithms and software

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