VE4 - Trusted fault management of energy networks

VE 4

Duration: 2022 - 2025

The quality of the energy supply is of paramount importance for Germany as a business location. Even though the security of supply in Germany is very high, even frequent very short outages in the millisecond range can be very critical for some branches of industry and interrupt processes.

The joint project VE4 aims to lay the foundations for highly reliable, secure and flexibly expandable modern industrial and local energy networks. Artificial intelligence (AI), in conjunction with edge devices, is expected to play a significant role in both network control and equipment diagnostics. 

In the project, Fraunhofer IPMS contributes its expertise to the conceptual development and analysis of time synchronization methods that enable low jitter and latency in Ethernet TSN-based networks with TSN endpoint and TSN switch. Depending on the data rates to be applied, various routing concepts for switches are to be considered with regard to the above-mentioned parameters. In addition, a TSN demonstration network will be set up together with the partners and a parameter analysis will be performed based on the specific requirements.