Ultra-low power OLED Microdisplays Evaluation-Kit

Evaluation-Kit: Ultra-low power OLED Microdisplays

Head Mounted Display (HMD) Prototyp.


  • for displaying simple graphical information
  • low power consumption of approx. 1 mW
  • SPI interface
  • monochrome green at high brightness > 1000 cd/m²



UUGL1120 UUGL1220 UUGL1320
0.19" diagonal 304 × 256 pixels 0.16" diagonal 304 × 128 pixels 0.15" diagonal 720 × 256 pixels
12 μm pixel pitch 12 μm pixel pitch 5 μm pixel pitch
4 Bit grayscale 4 Bit grayscale 1 Bit grayscale


The listed microdisplays UUGL 1120, 1220 and 1320 are each available in 2 versions and include a simple optics and a graphical user interface for the control:

Lab Evaluation Kit:

The display is driven by a microcontroller evaluation board via a breakout board

HMD Evaluation Kit:

The driving is realized by a miniaturized electronics with battery and Bluetooth connection in a compact assembly

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