720p OLED-Microdisplay Evaluation-Kit

Evaluation-Kit: 720p OLED-Microdisplay

AR Head Mounted Display (HMD).

These evaluation kits include a 720p microdisplay that is particularly suitable for the use in industrial AR head mounted displays (HMD).

  • resolution: 1280 x 720 pixels
  • display diagonal: 0.64 inch
  • 11 µm x 11 µm pixel pitch
  • frame rate: 60 Hz, 75 Hz, 90 Hz, 120 Hz
  • 24 bit color depth
  • high contrast ratios > 100000:1
  • supplied with control electronics (via HDMI)
  • power supply via USB
  • configuration via supplied GUI for Windows



Full color display with 24 Bit color depth
Further colors and versions on request

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