Many good reasons that speak for the Fraunhofer IPMS

Work-life balance

We know that private life can sometimes be more important. That's why we offer flexible working time models such as flextime or part-time and the option of remote working.

Thanks to our digital working time recording system, any overtime worked is documented and can be used as time off in lieu.

For employees working in shifts, weekends off offer the ability to plan family and leisure time. 

For our students, we optimally adapt working hours and days to lecture dates by arrangement, so that studies are not neglected.

The advantages of public service

The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft's remuneration and many other regulations are governed by the TVöD.

Our employees benefit from fair and transparent pay, a 39-hour week, a special annual payment, a company pension plan, and special leave days on December 24 and 31 in addition to 30 days of annual leave. Three extra days of vacation are added to compensate for shift work. 

In addition to the TVöD, Fraunhofer can grant performance- and success-related variable remuneration components.

Further training & development opportunities

An essential element of personnel development at Fraunhofer IPMS is professional and personal training. The annual development meeting lays the foundation for this. We offer our employees freedom to act creatively and on their own responsibility and to realize their goals. 

They benefit from close networking with commercial enterprises and international exchange. In addition to the Fraunhofer education program, which trains technical know-how as well as interdisciplinary skills, we offer many opportunities to gain the best possible qualifications and thus open up personal career opportunities.

Promotion of women and equal opportunities through "TALENTA"

"Fraunhofer TALENTA" is a targeted and holistic support and development program for attracting and developing female scientists, which addresses the various levels of career development in three program lines. The program is based firstly on financial support for the respective organizational unit in the recruitment and sustainable development of female scientists and female managers. Secondly, it focuses on the individual career development of female scientists at Fraunhofer.

Here you can find more information.


Jobticket, parking facilities and charging station

As an employer, we support the jobticket. However, the ticket can be used not only for commuting to work, but also privately at any time in the respective transport area. Our sites are easy to reach by bus and train, so the jobticket is used optimally. 

For our employees who come by car as well as for those who prefer to cycle, there are sufficient free parking facilities available. We also offer charging stations for electric cars (depending on location).

Our (team) culture

The team and togetherness are our top priorities. Even after work, we offer interested employees various opportunities for a joint exchange at sports, music and team events.

Health management

We are responsible for our health and that of our employees. We take care of the well-being of our employees with various offers, e.g. health days, blood donation campaigns or in cooperation with our company doctor.

Onboarding - because nothing is more important than a good induction period

From the very beginning, our employees are accompanied by managers and colleagues and introduced step by step to their new area of responsibility. To help them get to know each other and network, we start with a welcome event. 

Responsibility right from the start

We offer independent tasks with room for talent and creative ideas.

Annual employee talks

Once a year, employees and managers meet to exchange ideas. In this way, the year can be evaluated and future development and goals can be planned.


We value and promote the diversity of our employees' skills - regardless of age, gender, nationality, ethnic and social background, religion, world view, disability, sexual orientation and identity.

We are a team

The diversity of people and opinions makes us strong.

Respectful and appreciative cooperation is just as important to us as mutual trust.


We are courageous

We take on challenges and grow from them.

We also tread unknown paths and take calculable risks.

We use mistakes to learn from them.


We are reliable

We say what we do. And we do what we say.

We communicate proactively and formulate our expectations.

We make agreements and carry them together.


We are innovative

We see change as an opportunity to improve what already exists and to develop something new.

To do this, we look at new perspectives and share our knowledge with each other.

We encourage and demand commitment and creativity - and create scope for this.