MACsec Controller IP Core

MACsec Controller IP Core

The MAC-SEC Controller IP Core supports data rates up to 10G and implements IEEE 802.1AE-2018 Layer 2 security standard for authentication, confidentiality, and integrity between LAN hosts. MACsec permits authorized nodes to communicate, encrypts transmitted data for confidentiality, and provides cryptographic mechanisms to ensure data integrity. It is compatible with the Fraunhofer IPMS LLEMAC IP core, any other Ethernet MAC IP core, or can operate as a standalone solution.

The MACsec IP core can be provided platform-independently for all FPGA platforms and any foundry technology. Fraunhofer IPMS also offers services to extend IP cores as well as to develop complete customer specific subsystems. 

IPMS has more than 20 years of experience in the development and licensing of IP cores and several hundreds of users worldwide. Most customers are from the automotive, aerospace and manufacturing industries.


Key Features

  • Supports MACsec specification (IEEE 802.1AE-2018) and IEEE Std802.1AEbw
  • Supports NIST encryption standards
  • Data rate up to 10G
  • AXI stream interface for data