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Whitepaper #7: CAN IP-Core Design

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Societal challenges, such as climate change, increasing urbanization, and the influence of technological megatrends, such as automated mobility, artificial intelligence and electromobility, demand radically new architectural concepts for vehicle electronics. Innovative driver assistance systems (ADAS), vehicle-to-vehicle networking, and usercentric infotainment applications, for example, integrate a largenumber of additional sensors and applications into vehicles, some of which require high bandwidths and guaranteed low latencies for transmitting user data. It is therefore not surprising that CAN, as a widely used communication protocol that is highly robust and flexible, as well as provides associated cost savings, is now used in virtually every vehicle.

However, the automotive sector covers only a part of the diverse application possibilities, because CAN is also one of the dominant bus protocols — perhaps even the leading serial bus system worldwide — in other types of vehicles, from trains to ships, as well as in industrial control systems. In addition, CAN is used in robotics as well as production lines, aerospace, elevators, and even coffee machines. This means that virtually any cost-sensitive application that also requires high reliability of data communication can be optimized using CAN.

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CAN IP-Core Design

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