Wireless RFID Sensors

RFID sensors are the combination of an RFID transponder circuit and integrated or external sensors.


Fraunhofer IPMS has been developing wireless RFID sensor systems in the LF, HF and UHF frequency ranges for years. The portfolio of services extends from ASIC development through to system integration and cloud connectivity.

Properties of the RFID sensor:

  • Properties of the RFID sensor:  
  • Frequency ranges: LF, HF, UHF
  • Fraunhofer IPMS transponder – ASICs
  • Connection of various sensors from different manufacturers
  • Optimization for different environments
  • Temperature ranges: consumer, industrial & automotive
  • Connection to OPC-UA infrastructures
  • Battery-free sensor systems

Integratable sensor types:

  • Temperature sensor
  • Air pressure sensor
  • Air moisture sensor
  • Humidity sensor
  • Light sensor
  • Acceleration sensor
  • Force sensor