Project: Infrastructure 2020/2021

Project: Infrastructure 2020/2021

Project duration: 09/22/2020 - 12/31/2021 (extension until June 30, 22)

Funding: This project is financially supported by the European Union Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Support for infrastructure for research, development and innovation (InfraFEI).

Funding objective:

This project supports the institute branch "Integrated Silicon Systems" IPMS-ISS in Cottbus by further expanding the infrastructure of Fraunhofer IPMS.

With the help of the funding, the capabilities of the already existing working group at the site could be significantly expanded. Metrological devices and equipment for the electrical and visual characterization and control of semiconductor components and monolithically integrated actuator and sensor systems were procured. The procurement of equipment and facilities for use in processes of packaging and manufacturing of a clean room environment supports the group in the realization of systems based on the mentioned devices.

The funding enabled the procurement of the following equipment (selection):

  • Scanning electron microscope
  • Semi-automatic wafer prober
  • Impedance spectroscopy with DC bias capability
  • Semi-automatic wire bonder
  • Walk-in clean room tents and nitrogen purged storage facilities