Project: Adaptive Integrated Systems (AIS) - Focus: Terahertz Microsystems

Project: Adaptive Integrated Systems (AIS) - Focus: Terahertz Microsystems

Project duration: 01.01.2018 - 31.12.2022

Funding and project duration:

The project "Adaptive, Integrated Systems" (AIS) with the focus area "Terahertz Microsystems" is financially supported by the Ministry of Science, Research and Culture (MWFK) of the State of Brandenburg. The funding takes place from 01.01.2018 - 31.12.2022.


The focus of the research project "Adaptive Integrated Systems - Terahertz Micromodules" (AIS) is on the development and characterization of terahertz (THz) micromodules, which promise versatile application potential. Unlike X-rays, THz radiation is non-ionizing and therefore not harmful to the tissue it penetrates. This advantage enables compact and mobile testing systems that can be used in medicine and biotechnology, safety engineering, hazardous material detection or non-destructive material testing. Here, the expertise of Fraunhofer IPMS in the field of MEMS components and technologies is used to further develop existing THz systems or to realize completely new THz components. Thus, new functionalities and application fields are served.

Specifically, the funding supports the development of a MEMS-based THz waveguide switch for the WM-380 standard (190 × 380 μm2). The evaluation of this concept will be carried out in the theoretical scope and also experimentally using 3D-printed structures. The characterization of these structures using a THz time-domain spectrometer will thereby allow conclusions to be drawn about the performance and application potential of these MEMS-based components. In addition, the extent to which this switching concept is suitable as a functional unit for controlling radiation propagation in integrated waveguide systems will be evaluated.

Funding enabled the procurement of the following device:

  • Toptica terahertz time-domain spectrometer.