VON ARDENNE Supplies Fraunhofer IPMS with Cluster System for MEMS Fabrication

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The Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems IPMS has placed an order with VON ARDENNE for a new cluster sputter system CS400S for the deposition of thin films. The investment is part of the extension of the clean room of the Dresden-based institute to accommodate the 200 Millimeter wafer technology. By installing the CS400S, Fraunhofer IPMS and VON ARDENNE seek to advance the development and production of highly reflective layer systems for micro(opto)electromechanical systems, the so-called MEMS and MOEMS. The MEMS that will be produced on the system are, for instance, micromirror arrays that will be used for semiconductor lithography and scanner mirrors, which are tailored for industrial applications.