Semiconductor-based quantum computing

HalQ - Semiconductor-based quantum computing

HalQ - Semiconductor-based quantum computing#

Project duration: 2021 - 2021

The HALQ project develops an overarching platform for the evaluation and integration of qubit concepts into an overall system in order to enable the participating Fraunhofer institutes for the roadmap of the German government for the development of a quantum computer "Made in Germany". In particular, the strengths of microelectronics for the realization of highly scalable quantum computers shall be considered and corresponding necessary technologies shall be further developed. 


Project goals: 

  • Evaluation of Fraunhofer competencies for the development of a scalable quantum computer system "Made in Germany" with focus on electronically controllable concepts.
  • Further development of essential components with focus on the basic technology microelectronics
  • Development of suitable control electronics and wiring technologies including consideration of compatibility for ultra-low temperatures
  • Design and realization of technologies for control and communication of qubits within a scalable architecture