300 mm Screening Fab Services

Wafer transport in 300 mm CMP-tool for brush evaluation.

The Interconnects group focuses on the metallization, the wiring of active devices and the integration of functionalities in the back- end of line. The extensive know-how in process development and material integration are provided as "Screening Fab" to IC manufacturers, suppliers, material developers and equipment manufacturers.

New equipment, processes and materials are tested and processed by business unit CNT in its own clean room under industrial conditions on 200/300 mm standard equipment. Professional wafer handling and ISO 9001 process management enables a direct wafer exchange and a risk-free integration of innovations with production lines.

Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD)

We are offering our leading edge high-k technologies for 300 mm (12 in) and smaller wafer sizes in an unique competence center for Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) - bridging the need for initial high investment for entering the field of ALD for small to large sized companies. We are addressing the needs of fast and accurate electrical results for process development or failure analysis, customized tests and characterization services on wafer level as well as the scale up of novel precursor chemistries.

  • Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) deposited High-k oxides and electrodes
  • Rapid ALD precursor screening
  • Material research and development
  • Product evaluation
  • Scale-up from Lab-to-Fab

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Wafer Cleaning

Screening Fab is the chain link between suppliers and fab we are able to screen, evaluate and optimize new chemicals and processes from laboratory scale up to testing on own 2x nm node test wafers:

  • From beaker test to 300 mm industry scale
  • PostEtchResidualRemoval (PERR) 
  • Photoresist stripping
  • Lithography stack rework
  • Dual damascene metal hard mask etch
  • Bath life time evaluation
  • Consumable Benchmarking

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Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP)

The Fraunhofer IPMS develops and optimizes new CMP processes and materials for 300 mm Wafer with its state-of-the-art facilities. Depending on the application, the interaction of many variables such as pressures, the relative velocity between pad and wafer-pad (roughness, hardness, modulus of elasticity, etc.) and slurry properties can be investigated.

  • Process development and optimization
  • Design and strategy development for production
  • Screening  and characterization of CMP consumables
  • Process characterization (Planarization - Defectivity - Removal rates, selectivity - Static etch rates - Electrical performance and reliability)
  • Modeling and simulation of planarization behavior of patterned wafers
  • Wafer processing on demand

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Copper Plating

At the Fraunhofer IPMS the ECD process and the copper material are being constantly optimized to guarantee high performance and low power signaling together with long durability. We investigate and optimize the ECD process for the galvanic deposition of metal layers through electrolyte screening, bath life time investigation and process characterization. Electrochemical measurement methods (cyclic voltammetric stripping, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy) and extensive analytics are available at Fraunhofer IPMS to study copper superfillings.

  • Evaluation of new equipment and materials
  • Dual damascene plating
  • Bump plating /  TSV plating
  • Inline metrology
  • 300 mm/12 in wafer & beaker tests

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E-Beam Lithography / Nanopatterning

Maskless lithography for fast and cost effective patterning with 50 keV variable shaped E-Beam direct writer (Vistec SB3050). Turnkey fabrication from sketch/layout to final imprint master and high quality standard due to 300 mm CMOS manufacturing environment.

  • Resist patterning and etch transfer into silicon
  • Processing on various stacks (oxides, metals)
  • Thin film deposition of various metals and oxides
  • Final coatings (Teflon, protective layers, metallization)
  • Various etch depths and aspect ratios on request
  • Multi level processing (3D imprint master)


  • Optics: Anti reflective coatings (ARC), Fresnel lens, Holography, Polarizer, Sensor, Color filfer, Meta materials
  • Medical Science: Lab on Chip, Genetic applications, Sensors
  • Photovoltaics: TCO for solar cells, ARC

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Wafer Services

We provide blank wafer and structured wafer for further processing including an advanced metrology.

Blank Wafer

  • Silicon based Layer
  • Metals
  • ALD based Oxides and Nitrides

Structured Wafer

  • Test Structures for various Processes at ≤ 28 nm Technology Node 
  • Test Structures for functional Layers
  • Custom Layout Implementation / E-Beam Lithography Nanopatterning

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