Substitution of NMP

Substitution of N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidon (NMP)

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Cleaning procedure of a 300 mm silicon wafer in the cleanroom.

N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone (NMP) has proven to be an essential material for lift-off processes and resist removal in cleanroom semiconductor manufacturing. This chemical enables precise structuring of thin films and cleaning of surfaces, which is particularly important to ensure the quality and performance of semiconductor devices

As of 2018, NMP has been included in Annex XVII of the REACh Regulation due to its reproductive toxicity and irritant effect on eyes, skin and respiratory tract. Since May 2020, consumer products with an NMP content of 0.3% or more have been banned in the EU.

At Fraunhofer IPMS, we focus on the development of processes using safer products. Our research aims to identify and investigate substitutes for NMP.


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For the semiconductor industry, we provide a comprehensive range of investigated areas to optimize your microelectronic processes. Our focus is on resource-optimized processes, the creation of an energy-efficient cleanroom environment and the reduction of harmful exhaust emissions. A central aspect of our work is the optimization of individual processes with regard to energy consumption as well as the implementation of green packaging and the replacement of critical materials such as CMR and/or PFAS.

In our focus topics, we concentrate on realizing energy savings in selected processes during operation. We also analyze the use of resources during manufacturing, including the CO2 footprint, if sufficient information is available for calculation or estimation. We offer you the opportunity to carry out a comprehensive life cycle assessment for your manufacturing area.

We present the results of our validation projects in the form of case studies that theoretically highlight the savings potential through the use of Green ICT technologies. These final results are published transparently, with company-specific data treated in strict confidence on request. We strive to offer innovative solutions that not only increase your efficiency, but also make a sustainable contribution to the environment and the conservation of resources.