SEMI Global Headquarters  /  08. Februar 2019

MEMS Industry Partner Day USA

Next Generation MEMS Technologies & Applications

During our first Industry Partner Day in the United States, Fraunhofer IPMS will present its technology expertise in the fields of microsystem capabilities, sensors, and actuators. In short 20-minute lectures, external industrial partners as well as our leading scientists will talk about mutual projects, current developments and latest trends. We look forward to hosting approximately 100 invited participants from the semiconductor and electronics industry, especially fabless start-ups, VCs and SME’s looking for a leading development & fabrication partner.

SEMI Global Headquarters
673 South Milpitas Blvd.
Milpitas, CA 95035


Time Speaker Title
09:00 am Registration  
09:20 am Carmelo Sansone
(Director of MEMS & Sensors Industry Group at SEMI)
Welcome & Opening
09:30 am Prof. Dr. Harald Schenk
(Director - Fraunhofer IPMS)
„MEMS Engineering for Innovative Applications“
09:50 am Prof. Butrus Pierre T. Khuri-Yakub
(Stanford University)
„The Evolution of Ultrasonic Transducers“
10:10 am Coffee Break Networking
  SESSION 1 Fraunhofer IPMS Foundry Services
10:45 am Dr. Matthias Schulze
(Head of Engineering - Fraunhofer IPMS)
„Fraunhofer IPMS 200 mm - MEMS Shop“
11:05 am Dr. Jörg Schieferdecker
(CEO - Heimann Sensors)
High Resolution Thermal Infrared Arrays in MEMS Technology – a Success Story between Heimann and Fraunhofer IPMS
  SESSION 2 Ultrasound MEMS Technologies
11:30 am Dr. Sandro Koch
(Head of CMUT Group - Fraunhofer IPMS)
„MEMS Ultrasound – From Technology to Application“
11:50 am Danny Kreindler
(OtoNexus Medical Technologies)
„Noval Applications for Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers“
12:10 pm Lunch Break Networking
  SESSION 3 Optical MEMS Technologies
1:15 pm Alex Walsh (Envision Diagnostics)
& Jan Grahmann (Fraunhofer IPMS)
"Eye Examination using MEMS Scanning Mirrors"
1:45 pm Coffee Break Networking
2:30 pm End  


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