Test, Charakterization and Reliability

Fraunhofer IPMS offers electrical characterization and reliability testing, for both components and relevant technologies and processes.

Wafer-level test of micro-displays
© Fraunhofer IPMS
Wafer-level test of micro-displays.

In the area of testing, Fraunhofer IPMS engineers offer a wide range of electrical and non-electrical measurements, at the wafer level, on components, and on packaged modules. In addition, they develop and implement complete application-specific test solutions: from the development of appropriate test parameters based upon physical stimulation of micro-devices, to the measurement and evaluation of the output response signals of silicon-based microsystems. Best-practice examples include tests for: micro-mirror applications; bidirectional displays; pH sensors; pressure sensors; and, standard CMOS components under clean room conditions.

Hot spots caused by leakage current
© Fraunhofer IPMS
Hot spots caused by leakage current (detected with a thermo camera).

The characterization of process and device performance is undertaken mainly for internal quality assurance purposes. On the other hand, Fraunhofer IPMS offers to external partners a wide range of test and characterization measurement methods to assess the reliability of device structures, as well as for the determination of specific device characteristics. Our project partners find especial value, in that the full breadth of the technological capabilities of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft may be made available to them, through a simple cooperation with Fraunhofer IPMS. Successful partnerships in the test and characterization realm have been sustained long-term with, for example: Jenoptik; the analog mixed-signal company, ZMD; and, Fraunhofer IMS.