MEMS actuation

Out-of-plane electrostatic bending actuators (NED).

Digital micro actuation

Binary coded electrostatic bending actuators.

MEMS loud speaker

Miniaturized loud speakers for use in hearing aids, hearables and in-ear headphones.

MEMS pump

Miniaturized pumps, valves and dosage systems for liquids and gases used in microfluidics.

Tilting micro mirrors

MEMS tilting mirror for quasi-static deflection of laser light featuring bidirectional NED actuators.

Actuator matrix

MEMS actuator cell array that composes a single quasi-static bending actuator.

Monolithically Integrated Actuator and Sensor Systems

Hardly any fast-growing technical industry can exist without components for microsystems technology in terms of sensors and actuators. In order to meet the growing demands on the performance of micromechanical components and expand the technical base for new applications, further miniaturization is essential. The miniaturization as part of a technical evolution further means, that novel principles for micro- and nanomechanical systems are required. For this purpose, the business unit »Monolithically Integrated Actuator and Sensor Systems« (MAS) is developing a new class of electrostatic bending actuators (NED) and tests these actuators in MEMS-based microsystems on various fields of applications.

Fields of Applications


Electrostatic bending actuators (NED)

Out-of-plane and In-plane electrostatic bending actuators.



MEMS-based micropumps, valves and dosage systems for liquids and gases in silicon-based microfluidics.


Field of application for electrostatic bending actuators (NED)

Application areas for the novel CMOS and RoHS compatible, electrostatic bending actuators.

Press Releases

Press Release | February 2, 2016

Fraunhofer IPMS receives award for novel, high-performance electrostatic microactuators

Press Release | January 17, 2017

Photonics West 2017: Fraunhofer IPMS presents novel MEMS bending actuators

Article | January 8, 2016

A small-gap electrostatic micro-actuator for large deflections

Press Release | December 11, 2015

Journal »Nature« to feature Fraunhofer IPMS and BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg review of new actuator principle