Optical Sensors and Spectroscopy

Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems

Hyper Spectral Imaging
Separation of plastics using Hyper Spectral Imaging.

Optical sensor modules commonly consist of a light-emitter, a photo-detector, as well as a microelectronic circuit for signal evaluation. As a rule, hybrid-built solutions are used here, as silicon as a microelectronic element is not suitable for light emission. This can currently be overcome by Fraunhofer IPMS uniquely powered integration of OLEDs in mixed analog-digital circuits (OLED-on-CMOS). Possible applications that have already been realized at Fraunhofer IPMS, include optical color, flow and reflex sensors.

In the field of spectroscopy, Fraunhofer IPMS develops very compact spectrometers as well as systems for hyper-spectral imaging. The crucial component here is the Fraunhofer IPMS-developed micro scanning mirror with an applied diffraction grating. Through the mechanical movement of the mirrors the detector can be reduced by one dimension. This offers significant cost advantages in wavelength ranges (e.g. within NIR above 1100 nm) where, instead of inexpensive silicon detectors, costly III-V semiconductors must be used.

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