Optical Sensors and Spectroscopy

Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems

Hyper Spectral Imaging
Separation of plastics using Hyper Spectral Imaging.

The use of highly integrated MEMS components allows for the realization of extremely miniaturized photonic systems. In turn the analysis of interactions of electromagnetic radiation with matter can be evaluated using mobile devices. Such photonic processes include spectroscopy, fluorescence and Raman measurements. Applications can be found in the fields of food processing, biotechnology, industrial automation and recycling. In addition to our expertise in optics and electronic development we have the know-how to integrate these components in miniaturized hybrid systems to enable mobile use.

In the field of spectroscopy, Fraunhofer IPMS develops very compact spectrometers as well as systems for hyper-spectral imaging. The crucial component here is the Fraunhofer IPMS-developed micro scanning mirror with an applied diffraction grating. By the mechanical movement of the mirrors the detector can be reduced by one dimension. This offers significant cost advantages in wavelength ranges (e.g. within NIR above 1100 nm) where, instead of inexpensive silicon detectors, costly III-V semiconductors have to be used otherwise.

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