RFID OPC UA Server – Easy System Integration

The RFID OPC UA server simplifies the integration of RFID sensor systems. The middleware enables the integration of RFID hardware components, regardless of manufacturer.


To facilitate easy implementation of RFID sensor systems, Fraunhofer IPMS provides an RFID OPC UA AutoID (ROAD) server for various industrial environments. The middleware enables the easy integration of RFID readers, tags, sensor systems and actuating elements into complex production environments, regardless of their manufacturer. Once implemented on the basis of the OPC UA interface, applications can continue to be used without adjustment even if the number of readers or transponders changes.

The OPC UA server offers:

  • Implementation of the OPC UA AutoID specification for RFID components
  • Uniform and manufacturer-independent interface for RFID reader hardware and RFID sensors
  • Uniform support for LF, HF, UHF frequencies and NFC protocol
  • Support for advanced RFID sensors to wirelessly measure physical parameters such as light, temperature, pressure, acceleration, force or humidity