Analytical Services

The business unit CNT has established a versatile analytical facility. Our expertise ranges from wafer-level characterization with inline X-ray scattering methods to two- and three-dimensional device characterization.

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Analytical Services for Nanoelectronic

X-ray Diffraction/X-ray Reflectometry

Equipment: Bruker D8 Discover

Application examples:
  • Growth kinetics of Hf(Si)O2 films
  • Texture analysis of tungsten layers showing different CMP behavior
  • Crystallization of thin ferroelectric films

Raman Spectroscopy

Equipment: Renishaw InVia Reflex

Application examples:
  • Measuremtent of mechanical voltage and structures
  • Laterally resolved temperature measurements
  • Locally resolved phase and element analysis

Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (ToF-SIMS)

Equipment: ION-TOF ToF-SIMS 300R

Application examples:
  • RRAM stack analysis
  • Diffusion of Si in Al2O3
  • Impact of proton irradiation on the Sb distribution in a Ge / Ge+Sb stacks

Electron Microscopy

Equipment: FEI Tecnai F20 G² & Hitachi S5000

Application examples:
  • EFTEM 
  • EDX profiling of thin film stacks
  • Evaluation of etching processes
  • Physical failure analysis

Inline Metrology

Application examples:
  • Epi layer characterization
  • Surface composition wafer-mapping (Equipment: ThermoFischer Theta300i ARXPS)
  • Film thickness wafer-mapping (Equipment: KLA Tencor Spectra FX100)
  • Profilometry (Equipment: KLA Tencor HRP340)
  • Defect inspection  (KLA Tencor SP2 SurfScan, Applied Materials G3 SEMVision & NextIn Aegis I)
  • Sheet resistivity (Equipment: EURIS WS3000 & KLA Tencor RS100)

Focused Ion Beam

Equipment: FEI Strata 400

Application examples:
  • Preparation of tip-shaped samples
  • Ion Beam imaging