Ferroelectric RAM

Next generation ferroelectric RAM for low power applications. Lead-free, scalable, non-volatile, fast and CMOS-compatible.

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300 mm Devices and Value Added Solutions

The Devices group focuses on energy-efficient storage solutions, non-volatile data storage and MEMS sensors based on 300 mm wafers for volume production. Some of the current research topics are listet below - for further cooperation possibilities please do not hesitate to contact us.

Non-Volatile Memories (NVM)


• 1T-1C (FRAM)


• Material development and integration

• Characterization (single cell/array)

Application example:

With the technical ability to implement the ferroelectricity in fully CMOS compatible HfO2 dielectrics, a consortium of GLOBALFOUNDRIES, NaMLab gGmbH and the Fraunhofer IPMS was able to close the scaling gap in a 28 nm technology node for the first time since the introduction of the FeFETs concept. Excellent results on 300 mm silicon wafers, circuits in nanosecond range and a 10 -year storage capability have been achieved and are at the current level of non-volatile memory (NVM).

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Low Power CMOS

• High-k+metall-gate (HKMG) processes

• Random Telegraph Noise (RTN) / Reliability

• Negative capacitance field-effect transistor (NC-FET)

• Radio frequency (RF) characterization

Application example:

Improvements of the deposition processes, the material properties and the integration schemes are essential to meet the stringent requirements for future components. An important challenge is the reduction of processing times for the high-k ALD deposition. For the semiconductor industry, the material ZrO2 is most interesting as a high- k dielectric in DRAM , eDRAM or resistive RAM. At Fraunhofer IPMS - CNT several high-k materials such as HfO2 , ZrO2 or Ta2O5 - based systems are currently being investigated.

On-Chip Power Plant

• Integrated capacitors

• Lithium battery

• Energy harvester

• Passives

Application example:

Fraunhofer IPMS has developed an ultra-compact capacitor for direct integration, variable in electrical properties and with a wide range of capacitance values​​. Innovative high- k dielectrics and special patterning processes allow this specialized capacitor technology platform that can be used for both: System-in-Package (SiP) and System-on-chip integration solutions.

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Sensor MEMS 300 mm

• Thermoelectric

• Resonant body transistor (RBT)

• Pyroelectrica