MEMS Equipment


Gerät Typ | Hersteller
Stepper I-line NSR-2205i 14E2 | Nikon
Mask Aligner MA 200 GEN 3 | SUSS
Coater / Developer l-line SK-80EX | Screen
Spin Coater (Polyimide, BCB) Gamma 80 Spin Coater | SUSS
Spray Coater (High topology) Gamma 80 Alta Spray Coater | SUSS
Spray Coater (High topology) EV101 | EVG
UV-Stabilizer Fusion 200 PCU Polo | Axcelis


Gerät Typ | Hersteller
PE-CVD / SA-CVD (USG, PSG, BPSG, Silicon nitride, a-Si:B, HDP oxide) Centura | Applied Materials
LP-CVD (Poly-Si, stress red. Nitride, TEOS, Oxynitride) E1550 HT 320-4 | Centroterm
ALD – atomic layer deposition (Al2O3, SiO2, HfO2) P-300 | Picosun
PVD Sputtering (Al, TiAl, SiO2, Al2O3, a-Si, HfO2) CS400S | Von Ardenne
PVD Sputtering (Al, AlSiCu, Ti, TiN) Sigma 204 | SPTS
Evaporation (Al, SiO2) PLS 570 | Balzers


Gerät Typ | Hersteller
Horizontal Furnace (Oxide, Diffusion, Anneal) E1550 HT 300-5 | Centroterm
Horizontal Furnace (H2 Anneal, O2 Anneal) Inotherm
Horizontal Furnace (POCl3) Inotherm
Vertical Furnace (Gate Oxide) Alpha 8SE | TEL
RTA / RTP Heatpuls 8800 | OEMgroup

Dry Etch

Gerät Typ | Hersteller
Etch (Oxide, Nitride, Poly-Si, Deep Si) Omega fxP | SPTS
Etch (Oxide, Nitride, Deep Si) Omega fxP | SPTS
Etch (Deep Si) Omega i2L | SPTS
Etch (Al alloys) ALLIANCE 9600PTX | LAM
Resist Strip Plasma System 300 | PVA Tepla
Resist Strip NEO 2000 | Trymax

Wet Etch and Cleaning Processes

Gerät Typ | Hersteller
Wet Etch (Silicon oxide, Silicon nitride, Al) Manual wet bench | AP&S
Wet Etch (Anisotropic Si: TMAH) Manual wet bench | AP&S
Wet Strip Solvent Spray Tool | Semitool
Wet Strip (EKC clean) Cintillio SST | OEMgroup
Wafer Cleaning (SC1, SC2, DHF, RCA) GigaStep | AP&S
Cleaning Processor (High velocity spray, Scrubber) 3300ML | SSEC
Nanospray, Brush, Bevel Brush SS-80BW-AVR | Screen

Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP)

Gerät Typ | Hersteller
CMP (Silicon oxide, a-Si) DESICA | Applied Materials

Vapor Etch for MEMS Release

Gerät Typ | Hersteller
Si Vapor Etch (XeF2) X-SYS-3B:6 | Xactix
SiO2 Vapor Etch (HF) MEMS-CET system | Primaxx

Analytics / Metrology

Gerät Typ | Hersteller
Film Thickness Measurement System NanoSpec 9100 / 8000 X | Nanometrics
Film Thickness Measurement System Lambda Ace RE-3300 | Screen
Sheet Resistance Measurement CDE ResMap 168 | Creative Design Engineering
Wafer Stress Measurement FSM 500TC-R | FSMG
Defect Inspection Compass Pro | Applied Materials
Defect Classification (optical review) INS3000 | Leica
Scanning Electron Microscope JSM-6700F | JEOL
Scanning Electron Microscope Helios Nanolab 660 | FEI
CD-SEM Measurement Verity Lite | Applied Materials
Atomic Force Microscope Nanoscope D3100 | Veeco
Ellipsometer V-VASE (190 … 1700 nm) | Woollam
Bright Light Inspection Axiospect 300 | HSEB
Surfscan Particle Inspection Analyzer Surfscan 6220 | KLA-Tencor
White Light Interferometry NT8000 | Veeco


Gerät Typ | Hersteller
Wafer Saw DAD 651 | Disco
Bond Aligner (Anodic & adhesive) BA8 Gen3 | SUSS
Bonder (FEOL) SB8 Gen2 | SUSS
Bonder (BEOL) XB8 | SUSS
Pick & Place (chip assembly) VICO Xtec/Laser | Häcker Automation
Fineplacer (chip assembly) FEMTO | Finetech

Test and Characterization

Gerät Typ | Hersteller
Mixed-Signal Tester M3650, M3670-Falcon | Advantest
Sensor Actuator Test System AP200 | Cascade
Automatic Inspection System PA200 | Cascade
Parametric Test System S530 basic | Keithley
Electro-optical Test and Characterization System PA300 | Cascade
Wafer Prober 6″ / 8″ EG4090µ | EG Systems
Wafer Prober 6″ / 8″ / 12″ UF3000EX | Accretech