MEMS Clean Room

Overview of Fraunhofer IPMS MEMS clean room

Floor plan of the MEMS clean room.
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Floor plan of the MEMS clean room.
  • Cleanroom Design: »Ballroom« type
  • Size: 1500 m²
  • Class 10; ISO 4
  • Fully integrated 200 mm silicon wafer process line for bulk and surface micromachining (MEMS) and CMOS
  • Fully integrated building and facility management and control system
  • Modern process plant featuring equipment from leading suppliers in the areas of photolithography, etching, cleaning, metrology, deposition, thermal processing, and CMP
  • Value chain also includes wafer-level test (parametric and optical) as well as assembly and packaging technologies (e.g., bonding and separation)
  • R&D and pilot fabrication with extensive technology mix and low volume PPS-integrated quality management (ISO 9001), process monitoring and run-time control
  • Shifts 5 days per week, 24 hours per day