MEMS Capabilities

Technology application matrix

The Fraunhofer IPMS cleanroom is ideally positioned for research and development in the field of MEMS and MOEMS devices with its qualified team and industry-oriented facilities. In addition to the in-depth understanding of leading edge MEMS manufacturing processes, coupled with modern fab technology, we are the perfect partner for the development of technologies and devices.

Surface Micromechanics

Principle of surface micromechanics

Using sacrificial layer technology, Fraunhofer IPMS is able to manufacture actuators and sensors such as surface light modulators (SLM) and capacitive ultrasonic sensors (CMUT). The processes and technology modules available to Fraunhofer IPMS for these highly complex components are:

  • PE-CVD for TEOS, HDP and a:Si.
  • Five-zone CMP for high planarity
  • Anti-stiction for excellent reliability
  • PVD for joints and mirrors with stress tuning
  • ALD for barrier coatings
  • Gas phase etching using HF and XeF2 for sacrificial layer processing

Volume Micromechanics

Principle of volume micromechanics

Whether high-precision mirrors or the unique Nano-E-Drive principle developed by Fraunhofer IPMS: these actuators are based on deeply etched silicon structures with large aspect ratios (up to 40). In addition to the competencies in surface micromechanics, the following modules are available for further development:

  • Grinder for wafer thinning
  • PVD for highly reflective layers
  • Wafer bonding for quasi-static motion
  • Deep silicon etching for the realization of comb drives
  • TMAH etching for backside openings
  • Trench backfill for insulation
  • B-SOI wafers as starting materials

Monolithic MEMS-on-CMOS Integration

Integration of MEMS on CMOS

Monolithic integration of MEMS on CMOS is an integration technology for the fabrication of wafer-level integrated systems. Fraunhofer IPMS develops and manufactures monolithically integrated MEMS to minimize parasitic effects. With this technology, especially large devices with a high integration density can be realized reliably. Examples are SLMs, thermopile and CMUT arrays.

Active Silicon

© Fraunhofer IPMS
Ion-sensitive field-effect transistor of the Fraunhofer IPMS

Fraunhofer IPMS manufactures wafer-level devices that exploit the chemical and physical properties of functional layers, for example in the ion-sensitive field-effect transistor for measuring pH values. Our technology experts have extensive knowledge and experience regarding the interaction between materials and device physics.

  • Thermal oxidation for gate oxides (SiO2)
  • Annealing (RTP/RTA)
  • Deposition of active layers (e.g. Ta2O5)