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Fraunhofer IPMS offers its customers the complete service for the development of micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) and micro-opto-electro-mechanical systems (MOEMS) on 200 mm wafers. The technological development and support of MEMS technologies, from individual processes to technology modules to complete technology, as well as the process-related support of the systems in the clean room, is provided by our team of over 90 engineers, operators and technicians. On customer request, we take over the pilot production after the successful development or support a technology transfer, whereby the Fraunhofer IPMS covers the technological maturity levels (TRL) from three to eight.



  • Extensive technological competence in the field of surface micromechanics, bulk micromechanics, "active" silicon as well as MEMS-on-CMOS integration
  • One-stop store for individual requirements along the entire value chain
  • Low investment costs especially for start-ups, SMEs and companies in niche markets without own fab
  • Pilot production in a state-of-the-art clean room according to industrial standards and modern equipment park
  • Intensive support of the manufacturing processes by experienced engineers and operators
  • DUV lithography cluster with which structures of 130 nm L&S can be realized

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