CMUT Evaluation Kit

Evaluation Kit for CMUT

Customer Evaluation Kit for CMUT

The evaluation kit "CEK CMUT" offers interested developers of ultrasonic sensors and users the possibility to build up a fully functional test setup for the evaluation of miniaturized capacitive micromechanical ultrasonic transducers (CMUT). It consists of either one or two CMUT sensor modules, customized control electronics, and software as a web application that controls the CMUT via plug-and-play.

In the specific working range, the system is able to send or receive ultrasonic signals with high sensitivity and resolution. The system transmits the data to the web application via Ethernet or Wifi and visualizes it simultaneously.

Users can thus convince themselves of the technical advantages of CMUT technology with little effort or evaluate the sensor technology for various application scenarios - such as close-range monitoring, acoustic spectroscopy, flow measurement - in which there is a need for miniaturization with increased sensitivity at the same time.