Project: REAL - Resource-efficient electrochemical analysis

Resource-efficient electrochemical analysis (REAL)

Project duration: 11/2019-03/2022

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Electrochemical analytical chip (variant 6) encapsulated on ceramic board, for electrochemical measurement for liquids.

The goal of the REAL project is to develop a chip-based analysis platform for miniaturized electrochemical characterization in order to provide the project partners with analysis tools for the production of organic semiconductors, luminescent nanoparticles (quantum dots) and electrolyte solutions, e.g. for semiconductor manufacturing or battery development.

© Fraunhofer IPMS
Examples of 3-electrode arrangements (working, counter and reference electrode).

The analysis platform should enable the following:

  • easy manageability and reliable setup of the targeted solution for electrochemical material characterization 
  • a time efficient, material specific and cost effective analysis platform
  • the use of thin, electrochemically deposited and patterned metal layers of less nanometer thickness instead of the current solid metal electrodes made of platinum or gold


Project goals:

  • Development of an analysis chip platform with defined electrode areas and different electrode materials.
  • Development of a wafer-level scalable, selective electrochemical metallization of different functional elements
  • Integration into an electrochemical reference system
  • Demonstration of functionality on known organic semiconductors and development of measurement procedures
  • Comparison with reference systems and data
  • Testing the range of application (type of solvent, multiple electron transfer processes)
  • Integration into UV/Vis cuvettes for spectro-electrochemical studies and creation of inert measurement conditions
  • Application to novel systems for synthesis and characterization

Project partners:

  • Technische Universität Dresden
  • TU Dresden - Physikalische Chemie (TUD-PC)
  • Dresden Integrated Center for Applied Physics and Photonic Materials (IAPP) 

Supported by:

  • Subproject: 100364088
  • Joint number: 3784