300 mm Copper (ECD-Cu) Plating

Copper wiring and electrochemical copper deposition (ECD) for ULSI (ultra large scale integration) production

ECD / Wafer Plating

300 mm Screening Fab Services

The business unit CNT constantly optimizes the Electrochemical copper deposition (ECD) process and the copper material to guarantee high performance and low power signaling together with long durability. ECD processes for the galvanic deposition of metal layers through electrolyte screening, bath life time investigation and process characterization as well as electrochemical measurement methods (cyclic voltammetric stripping, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy) and extensive analytics are available at Fraunhofer Screening Fab to optimize copper superfillings.


  • 28 nm technology node & below
  • 300 mm/12 in wafer & beaker tests
  • Dual damascene plating
  • Bump plating
  • TSV plating


Lab to Fab Services for IC Manufacturer

  • Recipe development
  • Pre- and postprocessing of individual process steps
  • Internal and external test vehicle
  • Defect inspection and characterization (inline and laboratory / destructive and non-destrucitve)


Lab to Fab Services for Material Supplier

  • ECD additive evaluation
  • Upscaling of processes
  • Upscaling of products
  • Industrial ECD process parameter definition


Advantages at CNT

  • Evaluation of new equipment and materials under industry standard conditions
  • Leading edge plating tools for process optimization (AMAT Semitool Raider ECD / LAM Sabre Extreme)
  • Professional contamination management
  • Professional IP management and licensing
  • Close connection to industry


AMAT Semitool Raider ECD 

LAM Sabre Extreme

BEoL Process Line

ULK etch / Advanced etch: Applied Materials Centura

ULK repair / Advanced Wet Clean: Semitool Raider

Barrier/seed deposition: Applied Materials Endura2

Copper plating: Semitool Raider

Copper anneal: TEL Formula

CMP: Applied Materials Reflexion LK

Analytical Services

  • Surfscan wafer analysis (KLA Tencor SP2)
  • 4-point resistivity measurement (KLA Tencor RS100)
  • High resolution profi lometry (KLA Tencor HRP340)
  • Ellipsometry (KLA Tencor FX100)
  • Review SEM (Applied Materials G3 FIB)
  • Patterned defect inspection (NextIn Aegis I)
  • FIB-SEM, TEM (FEI Strata400 / FEI F20 (200 kV))
  • ToF SIMS (Ion ToF 300R)
  • Electrochemical analysis (ECI QualiLab 10-EZ beaker analysis)
  • Potentiostat / Galvanostat (Princeton Applied Research)

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