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SysVital – long-term ECG and event recording
SysVital – Long-term ECG and event recording.

In the field of telemedicine, extracorporeal sensor systems are being developed to record and process vital parameters. These systems set themselves apart due to their high degree of comfort and wearability as well as their long period of usage. Data such as ECG, blood pressure, respiration, physical activity, etc. are recorded on-body and then, if possible, it is also analysed within the proximity of the sensor. The linkage of diverse data allows for qualitatively new conclusions, which are not possible with individual parameters alone. One example of this type of sensor data fusion is linking ECG data to data from the sensors for physical activity and respiration. The results of these analyses are then transferred either wirelessly via superordinate networks and then saved to a portal, or it is presented directly to medical personnel for diagnosis.

From IC design to complete systems

Our competency, together with our existing technical facilities, range from the development of specific circuits, to design and to the realisation of complete system solutions. In cases where extremely low energy consumption or miniaturisation is of great importance, the development of special ASICs also makes sense. We have the necessary know-how, the CAD tools and IPs for ASIC development at our disposal. Most of these systems contain microcontrollers or microprocessors, for which we have also developed the necessary firmware. Whenever possible, we design the analysis software to be flexible and run on both the tele-medical instrument itself as well as on PC. The solution can therefore be adapted to the hardware in an ideal manner.

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