Wireless Microsystems

Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems


The business unit »Wireless Microsystems« provides applied research and development in the fields of wireless communication by using electrical as well as optical techniques.

Research activities are focused on wireless medical systems, programmable sensor transponders and optical communication systems. The research areas address the development of technical solutions (integrated circuits, boards, software) involving a high degree of innovation. They are used by our project partners for their system solutions ranging from transport logistics to video streaming.

Main interest of the research area covering wireless medical systems is the development of telemedical applications and electronics for implants. In addition to the transponder and optical solutions for the wireless transmission of data and energy developed by the Fraunhofer IPMS we also use standardized transmission standards like Bluetooth or ZigBee. The creation of »smart« systems by developing application specific software (sensor signal processing) is very important.

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